VOTING BOOTHS . COM has the largest and most complete range of every type of Voting Booths and Polling Booths needed to conduct successful Elections.

As any voter knows, keeping a vote private is of prime importance in an election. For this reason, the voting booth was developed. These are small screened stations where voters can cast their vote in private, protecting the secrecy of the ballot. It is common practice to restrict access to the polling booths to one person, although exceptions are usually made if voters need assistance.

Most polling booths are surrounded on three sides by walls, with a curtain at the entrance. This layout is meant to provide privacy, and prevent other voters or individuals passing nearby from seeing the votes cast. Some voting booths come in a tabletop version, which is much easier to set up and take down. There are many varieties available and they are used for every type of election – local, state, and national.

Reliable, secure, easy-to-assemble voting booths are essential for today’s requirements. Elections have always been subject to distortion by malpractice or lack of control. This can result in a breakdown of the democratic process.

Contemporary voting booths offer a resolution to this situation. The Voting Equipment supplied by Election Equipment Asia is designed and tested to ensure maximum security, with ease of assembly and economic pricing. All voting booths and every other piece of equipment are required to be as tamper proof and robust as the composite material allows.

There is a large variety of voting booths types – ranging from cheaper cardboard ones, to collapsible ones, to stand alone models. Some of them have their own storage containers. Our high quality voting booths and equipment are extremely competitively price, effortless to assemble and take apart, pack away easily, and are very robust. All the election equipment in our range achieves the strictest International standards. Our manufacturing capacity is large and delivery is always prompt and to schedule.

In addition to Voting Booths, we also manufacture a large range of Election Equipment such as Ballot Boxes, Election Kits, Tamper Evident Seals, Tamper Evident Envelops, stationeries…etc. For more information, you can visit our website: www.electionequipment.asia

With over 30 years experience of product development, production and sales, Election Equipment Asia ensures that clients experience a trouble free election.