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Dutch Vote Could Affect How EU Tackles Debt Crisis

The Pro-Europe Faction Wins the Dutch Vote In Wednesday, September 12th, Dutch voters were given a chance to decide the country’s destiny. Many feel that they were deciding not only the fate of the Netherlands, but Europe as a whole. Major contenders in the election included the VVD Party, which is pro-free market and European Union; the center-left… Read More »

New Black Panthers at Voting Booths again

New Black Panther Party May Be at Polls Again On September 9th, Malik Zulu Shabazz, national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, said in a WABC Radio interview that the party may deploy at voting places again this year in November to prevent voter fraud. By ‘again,’ he was referring to a 2008 incident where two NBPP… Read More »

Voting at a Polling Place

Voting in Australia Australia has been a democracy since 1901, making it one of the world’s longest continuous democracies. It has federal elections every three years and the frequency of state and local elections varies. Any Australian citizen can vote. The Polling Process in Australia Polling places in Australia are mostly churches, schools, and community centers. Elections are… Read More »

Voting Booth Selection

Selecting the Right Voting Booths for Your Polling Place Democracy only works when everyone has the ability to vote. It needs people of all ages, races, backgrounds and abilities. Each country’s government works hard to do all it can to ensure everyone has a chance, but voting booth selection also plays a part. The type of voting booths… Read More »